Part 1 Columbia Electric 1906

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We will begin construction of the Columbia Electric 1906 model. It is quite interesting model in respect of production. The running gear is in detail given and it is quite sophisticated. I think as on a body there will be small troubles. All right, there we will look. In the photo it is shown to a set interior.

с-1Wheels of high quality. Springs are plastic. But the producer suggests to cut them, and I am sorry. On it I will do from scratch, and these will go to other model. Material (balsa) it seems is enough, but if that I have a stock. Well, we will start gradually.

Welcome to my website!

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Here the miniatures of retro cars made by me of sets released by the Hudson Miniatures company under the Oldtimers brand will be presented. I will try to light construction of models step by step, explaining each action. I hope to you it will be pleasant.