Part #26

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Due to the change in my life, I did not do anything for a long time, there was no time. And now I don’t have so much of it. I will lay out the construction of the car whenever possible.
Manufactured footrest holders, wing holders and lamp holders. Blackened everything.

Part #25

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Made fenders. Glued them from cardboard, shaped, painted with a primer.

After that I painted the fenders and glued on strips of white vinyl.

Part #24

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I made pedal blanks from brass rod and sheet. Soldered and blackened them.

For the manufacture of the steering wheel, I also used a brass tube and sheet. I cut levers from the sheet.

He made the central axis from brass tubes and a rod.

The steering wheel is painted black and gold. I inserted a wooden boss into the brass tube of the steering wheel, into which I drilled a hole. With the help of the central axis, I fixed the levers and the steering wheel to the steering shaft.