1914 Stuts Bearcat

Photo model Stutz Bearcat 1914

The Stutz Bearcat was known as “the car that made good in a day”. And for an excellent reason. The first Bearcat was built by Harry C. Stutz in 1911. It was designed as a stock car and completely built by hand in five weeks. Entered in the 500 mile International Sweepstakes on the Indianapolis Speedway May 30th, 1911, it completed the distance in 422 minutes. This was an average of 68.1/4 miles per hour including 13 stops for tires and fuel. The most remarkable part of this amazing performance was that when the car was taken down, part by part, it was found that no structural weaknesses had developed and there were no parts which required change or redesign. When the car went into production the same design was retained so that the 1914 model was an exact duplicate of the 1911 version. There were three body styles; roadster, four passenger and five passenger. The cost of the car was $6000 and the finish and equipment was the best that money and skilled workmanship could produce. An examination of the few remaining Bearcats will reveal that these cars embodied features which automotive experts today agree contribute to safety and dependability. Although riding is somewhat stiff, by todays standards, steering and roadability are excellent. Power is more than adequate and performance, in the hands of a qualified driver, is comparable. This car can still hold its own against many of our present day cars.