1911 Brush Delivery Truck

Photo model Brush Delivery Truck 1911.

The Brush, Model C, Delivery Car was manufac­tured by the Brush Runabout Company, a division of the United States Motor Company at Detroit, Mich. It sold for $650 and was recommended for all types of light delivery work. It was powered by a 6.4 h. p. engine and transmission was of the gear-set type which combined multiple-disc clutches with a simple self-setting arrangement. Trans­mission had two speeds forward and one reverse. The gear shift lever also controlled the emergency brake and the foot pedal was used to release the clutch before setting the brake. Cooling was by Briscoe Honeycomb Radiator on the thermo-syphon principle. Notable features were the wood axles and the coil springing. The car was designed for a top speed of around thirty miles per hour.