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Part 20 Final

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There now and end. I have established all details into place. Well and right at the end – wheels and a logo. Final photos. Also the photoshoot is added to the section “Gallery”. Here so the model, nothing difficult becomes, join! Finish!!!

Part 19

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Well and the last – a top. I cut out her on the enclosed template from a dense black cardboard. I have stuck together precisely on cuts and I have corrected some inaccuracies after gluing together. After fitting I have pasted a top into place. Well and of course I have painted wheels with white acryle.

Part 18

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I cut out ampere voltmeter from balsa. I cut out the front panel from a cardboard. Also from paper I cut out a board, and from packing polystyrene a window. The case has painted black color, and the front panel in silvery color. Well I have also collected everything in the place.