Part #1. Starting.

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Well, I’m starting a new project. 1911 Buick Bug. The photo shows the contents of the box.


Part #50 Final

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Well, here is the final build of the Stutz Bearcat model. I did not expect this work to be delayed for a long 2 years.
For these 2 years there was everything, including the time when I could not do the model. There were problems and
difficult tasks when creating this model, which took time to solve, sometimes a lot
time. But at the end of this project, I believe that everything I conceived succeeded.

Thanks to everyone who followed my project from the very beginning, especially the French reader.

The new project may soon begin (Buick Bug), although I would like to rest.

In the final part, I made boxes in the back and on the footsteps. Last Action – Glue Model Name
on the bottom.