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Part 6

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This part short. Is it seems made much, and there is nothing to show that. I have carried out a plumbing, I have soldered platforms on holders of springs and I have drilled openings for a fixture. Also I have recorded earrings on the ends of springs, with the soldering too. Well and for ink it. It seems everything for… Read more »

Part 5

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So far the case, and it somewhere for about a week dries, we will be engaged in small things. For example springs. As I have told earlier, I will do springs anew. From a brass leaf thickness 0,4mm cut out strips for the first leaf of springs. Behind that I have made the first sheets, having bent them according to… Read more »

Part 4

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Brush, having diluted construction hard putty of Handycoat with water, I have covered a model body surface. I covered with a thin layer twice. After that I have smoothed out everything an emery paper 600 and 800. Where there were hollows has puttied once again and too a brush. Behind that I used spray of an automobile primer, previously having… Read more »