Part #20

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Made the seats. From the beginning, I thought that the pattern of the seat back was defective and made others. Painted with a primer.

Then I realized my mistake and reduced the back on one side.

I pasted the base of the soft back.

Since the base is very fragile, I made a frame and fixed the back in it. I also pasted over the inside with a soft base from the package.

And he covered all this with artificial leather, securing it with cyanoacrylate.

Part #19

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Made the back cover from cardboard and balsa. Painted with primer and cream paint.

Part #18

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Made the body from the blanks of the set. I made a technological hole for ease of painting. In the future, it will close. Slightly changed the case from the front to the bottom for the cardan shaft.

Painted with a primer…

and cream paint.