Part #18

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Made the body from the blanks of the set. I made a technological hole for ease of painting. In the future, it will close. Slightly changed the case from the front to the bottom for the cardan shaft.

Painted with a primer…

and cream paint.

Part #17

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I glued the dashboard to the hood.

From veneer I glued plywood in two layers, made an instrument panel and a shield under the hood. Then covered with mahogany stain.

The whole unit was painted with cream paint.

I glued the shields.

Fastened the lamp holders.

Part #16

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The dash of the car was made using the papier-mâché method. From balsa I made the shape of a shield, pained primer and fixed it on a stand.

Then he cut paper strips from the newspaper, moistened them in water and put a cross on a cross on the form. The layers were coated with PVA glue slightly diluted with water. On the round edges I used pieces of napkin, sticking layer by layer too.

After drying, he took it off the mold.

He treated the shield with sandpaper, smoothed out irregularities with a putty and painted it with primer.