Part #23

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Made the headlights. One of the lanterns had a broken pole mount. Made a new one from brass and fixed it on the lantern.

Using a mini drill, I made a recess in the lanterns and painted the outside with golden and inside with mirror paints.

Having pasted transparent acrylic instead of glass, I finished making lanterns.

Part #22

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Looking at the photographs and drawings, Buicke discovered that I had not completed the case. Side seat bracing required. I decided to fix it for reliability. I made a form and fixed the support blanks on it, which I had moistened with water before.

After drying, they took the desired shape.

Pasted on the body.

After shaping them, I painted with a primer and the whole body with cream paint. The body is ready.

Part #21

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He continued to manufacture seats. I cut out the base for the seats, leveled it with putty and primed it. Then I pasted the seats and painted them cream.

I made the base of the seats out of cardboard and balsa and pasted over them with leather substitute.

Assembled seats.