Part #4

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Modified the springs, indicating the attachment of the springs to the frame.

Painted the springs and frame with primer paint.

Part #3

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In this short chapter I will show you how the springs were made. The base of the springs was made of brass, which were bent and soldered in the desired shape. And the sheets of springs themselves were glued from cardboard, which was in the set.

Part #2

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Well, let’s start. I decided not to make the model frame out of balsa. The base should be more rigid. I chose a ruler as a material for manufacturing. The birch will be stronger. I cut out new parts according to the original template.

He glued the frame and reinforced the connections. drilled and reinforced the joints of the parts. For the front springs, I glued the mountings and reinforced them with pins.

I pasted over the frame with cardboard strips.